Jackass Forever (2022) – Painfully Funny

Released: 3rd February
Seen: 24th April

Jackass Forever Info

Some films are intellectual explorations that demand an in-depth analysis or an explanation of the political elements that make up the absolute insanity of the plot. Some films come with serious baggage that needs to be explored in depth. Some films come with enough baggage that they need some qualifiers or even warnings in order to properly prepare potential audiences for what is to come, positive or negative… and then there’s Jackass Forever, it’s a couple of dozen guys and a woman who find various ways to do bodily injury to each other for the entertainment of the masses and for that, we thank them because Jackass Forever is fucking hilarious.

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Choose or Die (2022) – …Or?

Released: 15th April
Seen: 17th April

In 2018 the film Truth or Dare was released to what could charitably be called ‘mixed’ reviews. It was a film with a fun concept that held back so much that it ended up just becoming one of the blandest horror movies in recent memory. The failure of Truth or Dare is such a shame because a horror film where people have to deal with hard choices that could lead to strange supernatural death is one that has the potential to be a lot of fun, it’s the kind of schlocky idea that this genre thrives on and in the right hands it could lead to something enjoyable.

Apparently, the right hands are not the hands that assembled Choose or Die because they made a movie with that core concept that’s so convoluted it’s hard to enjoy, even though they really go through on the visceral aspect of the genre.

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