’31’ Review: Rob Zombie Let Loose

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This is in a style I attempted for MoviePilot briefly when I thought I could put reviews on there… they weren’t a review place, this was me being dumb. Also, this style isn’t one I like, but I’m keeping this for reference purposes. 

Rob Zombie has something of a reputation in the horror genre. Some love him, some hate him, some change their opinion about him from film to film. I’ve personally always been relatively indifferent to his work. I found House Of 1000 Corpses to be an interesting throwback picture and thought Devils Rejects was really good for the majority of the runtime, but everything else he’s made hasn’t really sat well with me. Especially his remakes of Halloween which, in my humble opinion, are possibly some of the worst of the horror remakes. So I had some trepidation going into his 2016 movie 31, a movie that he made using funding from his fans because it was apparently too extreme for the studios.

Let’s see if he used his chance to break free from the studio system to his advantage.

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Cult Of Chucky

Released 2nd November

Seen 16th November

Cult Of Chucky.jpg

Directed & Written by Don Mancini
Produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment
Starring Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent & Jennifer Tilly

The Child’s Play series is one that’s gone through many variations. The original 3 movies were all focussed on Andy Barclay and had a serious tone to them despite the admittedly silly concept. Bride & Seed of Chucky took the series in a more comedic direction, which culminated in the underappreciated Seed (Which I once wrote about my love of). When Seed didn’t do quite as well as they expected at the box office the series went straight to DVD and straight to the darkest it’s ever been with Curse Of Chucky. Now we have Cult of Chucky, the culmination of decades of building and they’ve built up to something glorious.

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