Brief Update

I’m going to keep this relatively brief, I’m unsure how important this is but since this blog is approaching 100 followers and I haven’t posted in 10 days or so, I want to just quickly update those who follow/Stumble accross this place about why I haven’t posted for a while, and why I won’t be posting for a fair while.

  1. For starters, my assessments for the first semester of my final year of uni are all coming up soon and I have no time to even go out to see a movie, let alone write about it. Which sucks because Solo looks like fun and it’ll be irritating to have to review that one at the end of the year when I do that month of frantic catching up with everything on DVD.
  2. This is also why I stopped the RuPaul Recaps, I can justify the hour and a half to watch the episodes but not the several hours after to write about them, find gifs, all that stuff. So right now I’m team Eureka or Asia and look forward to the inevitable top 4 battle royale lipsyncs that we all know they’re doing. Also, this years reunion is going to be nuts.
  3. I’m also moving over the next week which means I now have to adjust my budget and work out how I can keep this going. I am also contemplating trying to do these as video, I have the camera so it could be done, it’s just getting over that initial nerve to put my face on camera.

So yeah, that’s why there’s going to be no posts for a while. I have got things lined up, hoping to have a “Here’s how to fix Gods Not Dead 3” article up once I finish all that assessment stuff but yeah, that’s why things are going to be insanely quiet here for a while. I apologise, I’ll be back soon.