Released: 23rd November (Theatrical), 23rd December (Netflix)
Seen: 29th November

Glass Onion Info

In 2019, Rian Johnson released the film Knives Out to absolutely overwhelming rave reviews. It was nothing short of a phenomenon, with some of the most incredible actors playing some outrageous and despicable people telling one of the greatest whodunnit mysteries in recent memory. Shortly after it became a huge success, Netflix paid 400 million dollars for 2 new films… and then the pandemic started so it took a little while for Rian to be able to produce any of those sequels but here we are at the end of 2022 and we have the first sequel in the Knives Out franchise, Glass Onion. The expectations for this film couldn’t possibly be higher, and somehow Glass Onion meets every single one of them.

Glass Onion largely takes place on the island of billionaire tech “genius” Miles Bron (Edward Norton) who, while trying to deal with the forced loneliness of COVID, has invited a select group of friends to a murder mystery party. These friends include people like Claire Debella (Kathryn Hahn) a wannabe senator, Lionel Toussaint (Leslie Odom Jr.) who is the head scientist at Miles’ company, Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson) a fashion designer/supermodel and Duke Cody (Dave Bautista) a men’s rights activist/twitch streamer. 

Also taking part in this little weekend, on less than friendly terms, Miles’s former business partner Cassandra Brand (Janelle Monáe) and the legendary detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) also turn up, having been invited under rather mysterious circumstances. Things seem to be going well, or at least as well as can be with a room full of obscenely rich assholes until someone ends up dead and the murder mystery party turns into a straight-up murder investigation, one that only a legend like Benoit Blanc can solve.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Daniel Craig
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) – Daniel Craig

Just like the previous film in this franchise, Glass Onion is one of the most intricately planned mystery films out there. The number of clues and connections that are set up throughout this film is insane. A simple line of dialogue in act one will set up either a big reveal in the third act or one of the film’s many brilliant jokes, there isn’t a single moment that’s not either a setup or a reveal and more than a few of them are so well thought out that you have no choice but to sit there with your jaw on the floor in awe of how carefully they set up even the most trivial thing (we’re talking a single line of dialogue about drink preference setting up a major event in the second and third act, that’s how carefully thought out everything is.

Glass Onion is not only doing a great little murder mystery (seriously, the mystery of this one might be even more brilliant than the one in Knives Out) but it’s a glorious callout of several elements of society, from stupid billionaires who steal credit for inventions and can’t run a company to save their lives (they may currently own a certain bird app) to mocking men’s rights activists who portray themselves as the pinnacle of masculinity while being pathetic manchildren who live in their mom’s basements to celebrities who wear mesh face masks during a pandemic. It layers these clever little callouts around the murder mystery story and creates a bunch of characters who are morally awful but also incredibly compelling.

Once again Daniel Craig knocks his performance as Benoit Blanc out of the park, his character was already one of the most fascinating modern cinema creations but this movie adds so many great layers to him that elevates him even further. He’s also fortunate to have the iconic Janelle Monae to work against for a decent amount of the film as she delivers possibly the strongest performance out of this absolutely stacked cast. Seriously, one has to assume that Rian made some kind of deal with the devil in order to pull together another excellent cast that can match the quality of the cast from the first Knives Out. Any time those two get to share even a minute of screentime together the film explodes with an intensity that is unmatched. There’s a reason Janelle’s name is being thrown about for awards season, let’s put it that way.

Glass Onion had the impossible task of somehow following a film as absolutely perfect as Knives Out and somehow maintaining the quality level and it managed to pull it off better than anyone could’ve guessed. With the same amount of biting wit, clever wordplay, intricate mystery and colourful characters, Rian Johnson has delivered a film that is at the bare minimum on par with the one that preceded it. It might need a few more viewings to decide if Glass Onion is better than Knives Out, but the fact it even feels like a possibility is astounding on its own. If you enjoyed Knives Out, you will absolutely love Glass Onion and the second that it’s done you’ll be hankering for part 3. If Netflix is smart, they will bankroll as many of these as Rian and Daniel are willing to make.

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