Seen 29th July

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For years people have been wanting a female version of the Bond series and it makes sense that eventually, we’d get one. A female lead spy thriller just needed to exist and what we got was something pretty fun.

Set during the late 80’s around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Atomic Blonde follows a spy named Lorraine who has to go in to get some intel from a man known as Spyglass and has to deal with cold war era Berlin. Along the way she has to deal with several members of the KGB, another spy who’s supposedly there to help her and a potential double agent who they have to find so the mission doesn’t get ruined.

The action sequences in the movie are absolutely incredible, jaw dropping even. Every single sequence is filled with intense raw choreography that feels like it’s a desperate battle for everyone. There aren’t any punches pulled, Charlize Theron is in the battle of her life and will punch you in the dick if that’s what she’s gotta do. It’s even better in one scene which is a very long take going up and down a staircase where punches fly, people are thrown around, bullets are going in every direction. I love nothing more than a good quality long take and this movie has one of the best I’ve seen, it actually took me a minute to notice that it was happening and it was so wonderfully done.

However, the long take isn’t the only thing this film does. Twist endings, burned film, talking to the camera, bullet time, spinning camera shots, montages where every shot fades in and out over each other, multicolored lighting. If there is a cool shot, this film tried to do it. Sometimes they work (Like the long take) and sometimes it just feels like a film student who discovered a cool new tutorial on youtube and wanted to try it.

One of the things about this movie that is long overdue is a bisexual heroine, and they make it clear that she’s bi and it’s really wonderful to see. Making the ‘love interest’ to the main character a woman is a great little touch that needs to happen more often in action films like this.

I do think the movie went a little bit longer than it needed too and there were a few moments where the movie dragged on, largely because the director wanted to show off his new premiere tutorial tricks. The ending could’ve been cut about 4 minutes sooner and it’d work, scenes in the middle could’ve been shortened, it just needed a bit more tightening so it didn’t drag that much.

In general, it’s a film that’s really worth seeing, it’s good fun and has some really great characters. It is a bit longer than it probably needs to be and the cinematography has an ‘everything including the kitchen sink’ mentality, but in general, it’s a good movie to go see.


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