‘Atomic Blonde’ And Stylistic Consistency

Uploaded to MoviePilot August 3rd 2017

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[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Atomic Blonde]

When making a film, one of the key things that the film makers decide is what the visual tone of the movie will be. This is essential in every film but it’s particularly important when doing an adaptation as the style of the movie should correspond to the style of the book that it’s being adapted from. It also needs to have a style that is consistent within the film itself. If you’re watching Captain America and suddenly the entire tone of the film changes from something out of Marvel Avengers to something out of Marvel Zombies, you’d notice and be instantly put off the main story. A sudden change in tone or a random stylistic choice can be detrimental to a movie.

Atomic Blonde has this problem. Stylistic choices happen randomly that don’t really make sense within the context of the two-hour film that we’re being presented with and I want to talk about those choices, but I need to make something clear. I enjoyed this movie. I think it’s a good, fun action film and you should probably give it a look, but the element of stylistic inconsistency that ran throughout this movie is something that I need to talk about it.

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