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Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Power Broker Man Recap 

So, at the end of the last episode, the plan was to go and meet up with Zemo in prison. Well, plans change. This episode begins with Zemo breaking out of prison so he can team up with Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Turns out that Zemo is actually obscenely rich and has a private jet so he’s a good person to bring along on a mission like this.

Our trio of Zemo, Falcon and the Winter Soldier head to Medripoor to meet up with the Power Broker who can give them information on how to find the makers of the super-soldier serum… unfortunately, because this is a plan formulated by Falcon and the Winter Soldier, things go pear-shaped and the boys need to be saved by Sharon Carter, who has seemingly been living in Medripoor ever since Civil War.

The gang follows the lead they got from the Power Broker which takes them to Dr Nagel, the man who found a way to recreate the super-soldier serum. Falcon and the Winter Soldier get as much information out of him as humanly possible, all while Sharon’s outside kicking ass and Zemo is just doing whatever he thinks will help.

Hopefully, the information Falcon and the Winter Soldier can get out of Dr Nagel can help them find out anything about how the Flag Smashers got the serum and how to beat them… possibly before a certain group of warriors comes by to take Zemo and make their lives difficult again.


The last episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier was an emotional powder keg, this one feels cathartic by being practically non-stop action. From the prison break to the battle in Medripoor to the explosive battle around the Dr Nagel interrogation, almost every scene is jam-packed with incredible action.

For the last few episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, most of the action has really been showing off just what Falcon can do, so this time they really remind everyone just how brutal a fight against the Winter Soldier can be. His bar fight sequence where he’s tapping into the pure rage that he was famous for is one of the highlights of the episode, maybe one of the best brawls the character has been a part of.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 3

This episode is just pretty much nothing but great moments stacked one on top of each other. It’s like they took about three episodes worth of plot and pulled out everything that wasn’t pure gold and that’s the episode. Each act just keeps throwing great stuff out there, almost to the point where you have to pause every 15 minutes and take a deep breath just to keep up with what’s going on. 

Even packed full of content as it is, the episode never feels bloated. We rocket through so much that by the time we get to the big reveal that Wakanda is interested in getting their hands on Zemo, it’s just a perfect cap on top of a pretty perfect episode. 


Every minute of this episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier somehow tops the moment before it. Not only is it fun to give Falcon and Winter Soldier a team of their own but there’s just a lot of great character moments that make Sharon Carter and Zemo much more interesting. Full of action, some of the best character moments and just a ton of fun. So many pieces have been moved so far forward that I wonder how all this will tie up in the next three weeks… but then again, I wondered that about Wandavision and they pulled that off, so I’m excited.

Stray Observations

  • Bucky trying to tell Sam how he helped Zemo break out of prison might be the hardest I laughed in the episode, the way he explained the “hypothetical” breakout was just comedy gold.
  • Zemo was such a mysterious character in Civil War but from him testing out the trigger words on Winter Soldier to secretly being rich to him actually saving Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s asses on at least 2 occasions, he’s way more fun than I ever expected.
  • I’m on Team Falcon and Zemo in regard to the discussion of Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye, that song is a goddamn bop (as the kids say)
  • Most of the episode takes place in Madripoor… the reason you just heard a million nerds screaming is that Madripoor is a major element of the X-Men franchise and therefore we have the inference that this is how they’re bringing in the X-Men to the MCU… because these Marvel series have never used that exact thing to trick people before *cough* Ralph Boehner *cough*
  • The casual mention of Dr Nagel using blood collected from a test subject combined with the pointed cut to Falcon… chills. This series is really going to keep using these historical atrocities as reference points and so far, they’re handling it well (for those not getting the reference… look up Henrietta Lacks, enjoy the anger)
  • We only get one scene with the New Captain America but it’s also his best scene where he realises that, despite the suit, no one takes him seriously as Captain America. It’s a great character moment for this stunningly unlikeable character. Of course, just because the character isn’t likeable doesn’t mean you have to attack the actor… because some idiots are sending Wyatt Russell death threats and I can’t stress enough how not OK that is. The fact I even need to bring this up is why we can’t have nice things!
  • I won’t lie, I wish that it was Okoye who turned up at the end but I’m excited to see what Ayo does with her mission to get Zemo… also, the fact that Okoye trended on twitter because people couldn’t tell the difference between Okoye and Ayo is another reason why we can’t have nice things!
  • Best Mackie & Stan scene: The argument during the fight by the storage containers, these two know how to argue in a way that feels real and is also hilarious.
  • Best Line(s) “Do you know who I am?” “Yes I do and I don’t care.”

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