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“The Boys S02E04 – “Nothing Like It In The World” Synopsis

In their quest to discover more about the mysterious missing superhero “Liberty”, The Boys have finally gotten a lead. Specifically an address of someone who might have some important information regarding the history of “Liberty”. Going to follow this lead are Hughey, Mother’s Milk and Starlight who all make the road trip together.

Meanwhile Billy has finally found out where Becca, his wife, has been hidden by Vought and goes to try and see her. Once the two of them manage to find a spot away from the camera it’s clear that they’re still madly in love and need to figure out how they can get the two of them and Becca’s son away from Vought.

Lastly, Homelander is becoming more and more jealous of Stormfront’s popularity and is taking it out on everyone, from Meave to A-Train to Doppelganger who now has to fulfill Homelander’s creepy fantasies involving the recently dead Stillwell. 

The Good Boys

This might be the best episode of the series so far, every single character has been given the chance to show something new about themselves and pushed into new places that really excites me for where this new season is going to go. 

Stormfront and Homelander have been at odds for a while but this is the least subtle the show has been regarding what they represent, with Homelander having the might of Vought behind him while Stormfront has some angry assholes online. They aren’t even trying to hide what this is really about, it’s a minute away from someone turning to the camera and saying “Doesn’t this feel like 2016 to you guys?”

The Boys S02E04

Billy Butcher is probably one of my favourite characters in this show and his comedic dialogue is what gives this show a lot of it’s magic but this episode finally let’s Billy actually have an emotion other than anger and pettiness. Seeing him finally have a moment with his wife, one moment where he got what he wanted more than anything else is incredible. It’s the scenes with Billy and Becca that easily have the most emotional impact and make you root for them to find a way to fix everything before the end of the season. Billy had a taste of being with his love again, that’s not going to be enough for him and everyone knows it.

The moment where The Boys throws off the gloves and lays out the least subtle idea yet comes when we finally learn who Liberty is. Liberty was a superhero who, late one night, pulled over an unarmed black man who was driving his own car and she murdered him for no reason other than he was black. The only way this could be less subtle is if Liberty wore a cop uniform 

I thought it was being pointed at that moment but then they flip over their last card, one that you kinda saw coming a mile away but once they go “Oh yeah, Liberty is Stormfront”… I mean, is there anything more pointed than having Liberty (one of the most american concepts there is) literally turning into a racist murderer named for a white supremacist website? They went there, here’s hoping they stick the landing.

The Bad Boys

This is one of those few episodes where I honestly can’t point out anything bad, every single element of the episode is genuinely fantastic and anything one could call out would be the pettiest nitpick. I still wonder exactly what got Stormfront on the team, I’m hitting the point where I feel like that’s going to be revealed in the last episode, if we find out at all, but it’s the kind of detail that we need to know about because if there is no reason they put her on the team then I’m really questioning the judgement of this gigantic company.

Stray Observations

  • Homelander identifying with Travis Bickle has the same energy as that creep who thinks you’re meant to identify with Tyler Durden.
  • A-Train being let go from The Seven due to his heart problems… I mean, I might’ve let him go when he murdered his girlfriend but hey, that’s why I’m not in charge of things
  • #HeroesSoWhite
  • Starbright and Hughie singing along to We Didn’t Start The Fire is the kind of adorable content I didn’t know I needed, but I desperately needed.
  • “You spent $273 million on that “Saving America” bullshit and I am running circles around you with 5 guys on laptops churning out memes” ladies and gentlemen, Stormfront (the literal Nazi) just explained how moden day politics work.
  • Homelander getting Doppelganger to take on the form of the woman that he murdered is one of the… actually, it’s a standard level of sickness for Homelander. What’s new is when Doppelganger takes on the form of Homelander and Homelander breaks the neck of his duplicate. That sound you heard just now was Sigmund Freud having a shattering climax.

In general, this is The Boys at it’s best, setting things up to revolve around what’s going on with Homelander’s kid and giving the show a new antagonist in the form of the scariest white supremacist you ever laid eyes on. The stakes are higher than ever now, here’s hoping the second half of the season matches this.

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