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The Boys S02E03 – “Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men Synopsis

Starlight’s quest to get the truth about Compound V to the public proves successful as a new bulletin exposes Vought for drugging children to create superheroes, including The Seven. As part of their attempt to do some emergency PR, The Seven goes off to find the super terrorist who is currently being held captive on a boat by The Boys. The Boys are still trying to get the super terrorist to a CIA safehouse but on the way they’re intercepted by The Deep who manages to get The Seven close enough to finally catch the super terrorist… and then go way beyond just capturing him.

The Good Boys

Seems like this season they’re leaning into “mock DC movies” a lot more, from the focus groups last week to this week having a comedically exhausting pitch meeting for a big team up movie featuring the Seven. Taking a jab at Justice League is easy, doing it on a major show and being so pointed about it is awesome.

The scenes between Homelander and his son just keep getting more and more uncomfortable but this time it has definitely hit a peak with Homelander pushing his son off a 20 foot roof in order to teach the kid how to fly. I’m not saying this is going to end badly, just saying I won’t be shocked when Homelander accidentally kills his own kid.

Speaking of accidental murders, the Boys driving a boat into a whale is one of the most disgusting things this show has done, and it’s glorious in how over the top it is. The giant fake whale that they built for the bloody disgusting interior shots is one of those gruesome little details that just sings to me.

The Boys Season 2 Episode 3

Of course, the ultimate disgusting moment comes when we finally get to see Stormfront do what we’ve been waiting for. You don’t name your main villain after a forum for white nationalists unless you’re going to go there… and they went there there. Aya Cash’s been kind of hovering on the periphery throwing out some great brutal call outs but this week she basically owned the episode (She’s my MVP this time).

The final scene where Stormfront just does what one expects a white nationalist with superpowers to do is brutally heartbreaking, turning this character into the most terrifying being this series will ever show… also the fact that her and the Ultra Patriotic Homelander seem to share so much in common is gloriously unsubtle and I admire the series having the balls to go there.

The Bad Boys

So last episode I had a problem with them making the super terrorist be randomly a relative of one of the main characters… I still hate that. It still ends up really adding nothing to the story, at most it might make Kimiko more likely to want to get revenge on Stormfront but considering how close Stormfront came to tearing off Kimiko’s head it shouldn’t be that hard to want to kill the literal super fascist. I just don’t like stories that do the “Everything/everyone is related” schtick.

While I’m still on the topic of the super fascist, we still really don’t know why they put her in The Seven and now more than ever I would very much like an explanation. Yes, they know a lot of The Seven are complete and utter bastards but you’d like to hope that “Literal white supremacist” might make them pay attention a little more.

Stray Observations

  • I might not like that they made the super terrorist a relative of one of the gang, but the scene on the boat between brother and sister was actually kind of adorable. 
  • “You write all women as either unknowable Hitchcock bitches or Michael Bay fuck dolls. I mean, I get that a lifetime of jerking off to transformers didn’t exactly make you popular with the ladies but a little effort might be nice” is something that should be said to literally every single male screenwriter… maybe not by a super fascist, but it should still be said.
  • “Oh you shoot a fucking bow and arrow. I’m amphibious!”
  • The whale is named Lucy… Lucy the whale. I don’t know why it delights me that the whale is named Lucy, but it absolutely thrills me.

In general, it’s a solid episode that really picks up the ball and runs with it, setting things up to revolve around what’s going on with Homelander’s kid and giving the show a new antagonist in the form of the scariest white supremacist you ever laid eyes on. So far, Season 2 is a vast improvement on Season 1 and I only hope they manage to maintain this level of quality.

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