Did Scream Save The Horror Genre?

Uploaded to MoviePilot on August 2nd 2017

The original version of this had similar images to my 31 and War of the Planet of the Apes reviews and I thought about moving them too, but they look like shit and can just be replaced by text.

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Why Do Horror Movies Keep Using The Word ‘Final’ When They Aren’t Actually Final?

Uploaded to MoviePilot July 21st 2017

Today I stumbled upon a trailer for one of the horror genre’s greatest icons latest films, a film series that revolutionized the genre of horror. I must say that it warmed my heart to see that familiar face popping up on my screen. I’m of course referring to Jigsaw, the latest offering from the Saw series. You remember Saw right? That’s the movie franchise about the guy who put people in traps and used Satan’s Pinocchio to terrify people when he rode in on a tricycle. Oh yeah, it was so nice seeing him again… why am I seeing him again? They told us he was over with last time.

Do you remember this Horror Movies? Cos I do

They’ve told us this a lot of times over the years. It seems that every other year they’ll tell us that something is the dramatic conclusion to an epic story they’ve been weaving over seven sequels (including the one in space, which was totally a legit sequel and not at all just the studio running out of ideas and desperate to keep the franchise active) and then a few years pass and suddenly the word ‘Final’ doesn’t actually mean ‘Final’ anymore because they bring back the franchise they told us was over. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m weird like this, but I like words to mean the things that they actually mean.

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