So after last weeks Snatch Game which, let’s be honest, was not great the queens need to kick things up to keep enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. So this week, let’s go over all the things that happened in the episode and judge them because that’s what a good fan does… a bad fan is an asshole about it.

Oh, also, I will absolutely be doing this for Season 10 because I have fun getting a second excuse to rewatch the episode but I will try an adapt my format for that season so it’s not the length of these posts. I’m sticking with it for now because I have this set up worked out and I wanna at least keep it consistent for this season, but next season I’ll alter it so they’re shorter. OK? Cool, here we go.


We start with the first polite mirror message of the season, Chi Chi has gone and proved that SHE is the Miss Congeniality of this season. It’s kind of a bummer because everyone, including Chi Chi, knew that it was her time to go but that joyful energy is clearly missing from the workroom and is going to be felt throughout this episode which she probably would’ve slain. Chi Chi is really good at throwing together an outfit on the fly, her Madonna look from last season was made on the day of the elimination. Her paper look in the book ball is one of the best looks that have hit that runway. She can absolutely put together a look and she would’ve nailed this challenge but sadly, she’s no longer here. Trixie, however, is here and she’s clearly thankful for Shangela saving her ass on the runway. There is a fascinating moment where they both clearly understand that now, Trixie owes Shangela and time will tell if she pays back that debt. It’s almost like the forming of an alliance on Game of Thrones, if no one has made that kind of reference before… seriously, the Game of Thrones references can go in the bin alongside the Hunger Games references and the snake references. References are dead now.


Speaking of dead references, this week is all about Andy Warhol. To be specific, basic entry level Andy Warhol references that anyone could get. Soup Cans and Pop Art are the major elements. There’s no talk about the factory, no one brings up his art films, no one even says “You must fuck life in the gallbladder”. It’s nice that they’re paying tribute to him but I think they could’ve probably gone further with it. Hell, a mirror talk about the life of Andy Warhol would’ve been enough. The mini challenge is to take a pop art portrait and I really want to know just how they made those prints so fast so they could make that kind of judgement on who won.

Also, best shade of the episode goes to Shangela “Look at miss Trixie looking all soft… soft-ish”


Aja win’s the mini challenge and so…. nothing, that’s it, absolutely fucking nothing. Normally when they have a ball episode and someone wins the mini-challenge, the person who won had to choreograph the opening number for the ball but that didn’t happen. There was no fun song for everyone to perform, no awkward dance with brillo boxes, this isn’t a ball challenge. This is a branding challenge with a sewing challenge superglued onto its ass. Where this show is concerned, a ball normally has 3 looks and a dance number and it’s usually top 5 because it’s the most complicated challenge of them all but this isn’t that. It’s not the Warhol Ball, it’s “We had 2 ideas on how to pay tribute to Andy Warhol but neither one was strong enough to be it’s own runway so we’ll just make them fit together. There’s something pretty sad about that… but it’s not the saddest part of this episode.


So, BenDeLa, Shangela and Bebe do not know how to sew. I mean let’s just start with Ben. Ben at least can say that she made a winning outfit with nothing but hot glue, she has enough of a history that she could pull that off and make it work. Shangela at least took some sewing lessons and clearly tried her best, despite the sewing machine giving her hell… though she should’ve found time for more than 2 months of lessons between season 3 and now. Her problem wasn’t even the sewing itself, she picked material that wasn’t stretching for her so at least Shangela tried AND what she put out on the runway later was something she made. But Bebe? BEBE? B.E.B.E.? How the hell does Bebe not know how to sew? You were in the original season, you have to know by now you are going to need to sew. You have to get Aja to make your outfit for you? Because that’s just some bullshit right there. You are the original winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the first queen to ever win a season and you didn’t think to learn to sew at any point? I just can’t even with that.


So now it’s time to get to the “ball” so let’s talk about both the cans and the outfits for each queen as we go down the line. They not only have to present their cans, but they have to ride in on a fake white horse for their entrances. I will say that it is kind of clear that they don’t get to design a full can, they design half a can that’s printed twice and glued around the can itself which leaves very little room for reveals or surprising jokes and I’m not a fan of that. Let’s just say when the highlight of the runway is Titus Burgess saying “For breakfast” twice, that’s a warning sign.


Aja comes out with her can, Sugar Tits. A dessert soup that’s not even close to good. I mean I’ll be honest, I never think of sugar when I see Aja. I mean come on, how did she not call her soup “Can Favourite”? Or even “Linda E-Can-Gelista”, the things she is most famous for on this show. It’s a branding exercise and she missed the mark something awful with this. I do love that she matched the colour of her wig with the colour of the can, that’s a great detail. Her Studio 54 look is quite beautiful, it’s not 70’s but it’s really wonderfully put together and honestly, does look like something one could wear to Studio 54. Her hairs giving me I Dream of Jeannie and I love it. It’s a really good fun look that works for her. Maybe not for this challenge, but for her it’s nice. Make it in every fabric girl.


Shangela nails the branding exercise by calling her soup “Halleloops” which basically is the only name she could’ve come up with, she got the fish part right, I just wish she’d thrown in “Corn flavoured” and just gone for broke. It’s a very nice little can that matches the brand she’s selling us. I am curious about the colour at the bottom of the can, why one fish has a blue background and the rest are the same shade of yellow but it works. Her Studio 54 look is… oh boy. If she had just removed the records from her chest and made an entire dress out of that tinsel fabric it might’ve worked  for her because that headpiece was nice, everything from the neck up works… it was that chest piece that sucks.


Trixie nails the can, it looks like an actual soup can label only gloriously messed up. Pep/Abysmal is up there with the list of great product names that the girls came up with. May Cause Death right on the top? Just perfection. It’s dark and hilarious, exactly the kind of thing I think of when I think about Trixie. Trixie was rocking the body suit for her studio 54 and it looked amazing. Her proportions were on point, the bell bottoms were incredible and I love how she finally looked comfortable on the stage. Also, this might be the best her makeup has looked this season.


Kennedy confuses me by going it in half a character. Vocally she’s got the character but there’s no gusto with the idea. The character on the can has a grey wig but Kennedy is there in the wig she wore for the Green Light lip sync a few weeks ago. I know you’ve got a grey wig somewhere Kennedy, and if you don’t then don’t make the main character on your can a grey-haired old woman. Also, could you not modify the can? If the joke is about how the soup gives you a big ass, give the can a big ass glued to the back of it so you have a comical reveal as you leave the stage. It’s half finished and also, not even close to her brand. Her Studio 54 look is gorgeous though, it took a second viewing to grow on me but I do enjoy what she put together. I do kind of wish the yellow tape on the metal plate over her stomach wasn’t there because it’s distracting but other than that I dig the look and that hair is just perfect.


Bebe’s can is definitely on brand, it’s also kinda bland. I love that Bebe brings her African culture with her and doesn’t hide it, she puts it front and centre but this isn’t good. It’s called Zaza instead of Bebe because…? The colour scheme is nice, but it feels so basic compared to what everyone else produced. Also, you have a peanut soup… where’s the “May contain traces of nuts” joke written on your can? Is it an obvious joke? Hell yes, it’ll also get Ru to laugh and put something interesting on your can. Bebe’s runway look is gorgeous, Aja did a good job helping her assemble this. It looks like she should be performing on the stage at Studio 54 and it’s great to see.


BenDeLaCreme seems to be using the branding she’s created for this season, which is incredibly smart of her. “Winner of literally everything” is in bold print right on the front of her can. The design is cute and cartoonish and really works for her. It’s kind of hard to really critique that but I will say, why not wear a crown as well? Just hammer the gag in, why not at this point. Ben then walks out in a swimsuit with some fun little appliances glued to it. It’s alright, it’s not the best but it’s certainly good enough to keep her from the bottom.


During the critique, Aja and Shangela get read harshest for their looks. Aja get’s most of it for not being in the right decade, but her look is perfect even if it’s not in the right time frame so I don’t know why Aja’s copping so much shit for that look. They also read Shangela on her outfit and to her credit, Shangela admits that she did what she good with hot glue and a stapler and also gives Trixie credit for helping her out when she could. I do clock that Bebe didn’t give Aja credit for her help, or at least she didn’t in the episode that aired. Aja seemed to notice it too and I kind of wonder if that’s going to play later on but it’s kind of shitty to not bring it up.


Bebe and Trixie end up being the top two which feels… interesting. I mean if Bebe had brought up that Aja helped her make her outfit, I have a feeling that BenDeLeCreme would’ve been in the top two instead. Bottom two are Shangela and Aja and to be honest? I kinda wish it was a bottom three. Every episode of this season would’ve been better served to have a bottom three, more tension and a harder choice. This one is literally a choice between the queen who is currently second place in terms of total wins, and someone who’s been doing great but not anywhere near as great as the other bottom. Add a third queen, which would’ve probably been Kennedy, to mix it up a little bit at least.


While the queens have their talks, Ben brings up the fact that expectations for her are higher because she’s been doing so well which is pretty accurate. She now has to come out and basically set herself on fire to impress the judges because she’s been so strong from day one. I honestly feel pretty happy now that Ben is in the middle for a week, she needs the time off from that hellish decision. Speaking of that decision, it becomes more apparent that Bebe is in her head. I love Bebe, but her talking over Aja while Aja is desperately trying to plead her case is a sad moment that didn’t need to happen. Bebe clearly already made her decision before they even sat on the couches, if she hadn’t then she might’ve actually listened to Aja for a hot minute.


The lip sync is to The Boss by Diana Ross and it’s really set up for Bebe to win this one, she just has to do her Diana Ross impression from the Divas performance and know her words. Bebe gave us pure Diana while Trixie gave us pure Trixie so it depends on what you’re looking for. Bebe was pretty damn amazing, her dancing was slick and smooth and fun, she clearly knew what she was doing. It was proof that you barely have to move in order to win a lip sync, provided that you know what you’re doing. Bebe knows exactly what she’s doing and easily won the lip sync. It’s nice to see her getting that recognition and it’s really nice seeing Trixie finally turn up to play.


Bebe very easily eliminates Aja, didn’t even get the lipstick out before she said it. It does kind of make me wonder if she eliminated her because she did had the worse track record, or if it was the previous discussion about old school and new school queens coming to bit Aja in her padded behind. Either way, once again we have another queen being taken down by the two winners in red.



But the episode doesn’t end there, it’s time for the epic Ruvenge reveal. They only bring three queens up onto the stage though in the ref outfits and we never see their faces. This is bizarre because there were five queens eliminated so were two of the queens just refusing to return? Were there some strange criteria for these three to be selected for their comeback? Were these the only three queens who were available for this specific day of filming? I hope they actually explain why it’s three instead of five next week cos if next week is a pairs challenge (like it was the last time) then it’s going to be hard to do that with only three returning queens.

So next week we’re going to get to see the epic return of the queens and let them prove why they should be back… and also know who the hell is actually the queens that are coming back… and if Bebe is the mole that people speculate she is.

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