Another RuView: All Stars 3, Episode 7

So, who else is still gagging over what happened last week? I was so gagged that it actually lowered my immune system and gave me the flu, that is how intense the gag of last week was. This week though, we have so much to talk about and I better get to talking about it before I make another 4000-word review on a 40-minute show. Lord help me in two weeks when Season 10 starts.

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Another RuView: All Stars 3, Episode 6

Before we begin, yes I changed the name. I called this series “Another RuCap” because everyone and their mother does “RuView”, but that also made me fall into bad habits which we will now try to rectify. When my last RuCap went up there was some discussion about it over on Reddit regarding my professionalism and format choices which I’d like to quickly address before getting into the actual review. Let me state, explicitly, that I am very unprofessional (The lack of money will attest to my unprofessional status) but I’m working on fixing that. It’s a slow process and I only learn how to be better if people tell me something is wrong. So, for the record, if you see areas where I could improve then please tell me. Do not be afraid to critique my critique, it’s the only way I’m going to improve as a writer and a critic. People critiquing my critique is why this week we’re changing the format. For five weeks I’ve done a blow by blow recap of the episode intermixed with opinion and it was lengthy and time consuming and means that the boundaries between opinion and description were blurred to a point that it became hard to know where I ended and a bland recap began. Last thing I want is to just be a bland recap, that format doesn’t work well in text form.

Anyway, onto the most batshit insane episode of Drag Race All Stars.

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Another RuCap: All Stars 3, Episode 5

So after last weeks Snatch Game which, let’s be honest, was not great the queens need to kick things up to keep enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. So this week, let’s go over all the things that happened in the episode and judge them because that’s what a good fan does… a bad fan is an asshole about it.

Oh, also, I will absolutely be doing this for Season 10 because I have fun getting a second excuse to rewatch the episode but I will try an adapt my format for that season so it’s not the length of these posts. I’m sticking with it for now because I have this set up worked out and I wanna at least keep it consistent for this season, but next season I’ll alter it so they’re shorter. OK? Cool, here we go.

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Another RuCap: All Stars 3, Episode 4

Well, it’s that time again, time for us to talk about the wondrous world of Snatch Game. It’s time to see what the queens have picked and who snatched the crown and who just crashed. It’s always the best episode of the season but with All Stars, it’s on a whole other level. Last All Stars had some of the best Snatch Game creations ever, let’s look at what this season brings us.

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Another RuCap: All Stars 3, Episode 3

I present to you this rose to say that I want you to stay another week while we discuss all the goings on in the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. There has been a lot going on this week and it’s a real bitch-elor so now we should begin the process of going beat by beat to see just how we got to this new spot in Drag Race Herstory.

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Another RuCap: All Stars 3, Episode 2

 We’re back Henny’s with another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, and another rendition of Divas Live which is a nice way to give a nod to the network that’s now hosting this show. In the week that’s passed since the first episode, we’ve seen all the queens getting showered with love, especially Bebe who has actually seen a huge uptick in her Instagram following. It’s nice to see these iconic queens getting some of the recognition that they deserve… so now let’s ruin that by going through what happened and talking about it.

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Another RuCap: All Stars 3, Episode 1

One thing that you may not know about me is that I am what’s known as a “Drag Race Superfan”, or “RuHo” for short. I am obsessed with this show, it’s one that I watch every year and every queen in some way delights me. In fact, on this very blog (OK, reposted from my Moviepilot days) I did a speculation of who was going to be in this very cast… I did pretty well, 6/10, that’s a pass. I’ve also made a list (Again, a repost) of lip syncs from the series that got overlooked. So I think it’s safe to say that I was so excited for this season, and to see just what these queens brought so every week I’m going to provide a quick recap (Heh, quick, like that’ll happen. I have an hour to get through and 10 queens to talk about, grab snacks now because we’re going through everything that happened) along with my personal opinions on what happens. There will be spoilers, lots of them so be warned that from here on out we’re going to be spilling all the T… that doesn’t sound as good in pure text form as it does when said out loud. Anyway, Let’s begin.

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