Released 11th May (Australia)

Seen 12th November


Directed by Jonathan Levine
Written by Katie Dippold
Produced by Chernin Entertainment, Feigco Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox
Starring Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn

Between the years 1970 and 2000, one of the biggest film comedy stars was Goldie Hawn. She hasn’t been in a major motion picture since The Banger Sisters in 2002 so seeing her back in a film is one hell of a treat… and thank God because she saved this movie.

Snatched follows Emily (Played by Amy Schumer), a spoiled brat of a person who is freshly single after her boyfriend dumps her just before their planned, non-refundable, trip to Ecuador. Since he no longer want’s to go, Emily ends up dragging her mother Linda (Played by Goldie Hawn) on the trip instead. It starts out alright until Emily and Linda are kidnapped and are forced to try and find their way to the consulate and back home.

The big problem with this film is that the first half hour of the movie is just boring. There’s maybe one half-decent joke in the entire first act of the movie and it’s during a scene where Wanda Sykes appears with her ‘friend’ Joan Cussak (They have character names but let’s be real, no one cares) where Wanda talks about Joan being former special ops who cut her own tongue out so she couldn’t be tortured into talking. That’s a good setup for a decent joke but other than that there’s nothing of value UNTIL the main two characters get kidnapped. Once it’s just them and we have the expert performance of Goldie Hawn trying to be the calm one while Amy Schumer is losing her mind, then we have something to work with there. As a duo they work well off each other and provide some of the more fun scenes in the film, getting a few solid laughs in thanks to their chemistry that just feels natural.

I have got a tiny problem with Amy Schumer because she’s basically playing the same character she played in Trainwreck, which is basically just Amy from her standup act. While I know she’s a stand up comic more than an actress, she really needs to start showing she can do more than this because this character is good for a while, but it’s going to wear thin soon. Hell, it wears thin in this at times and is only saved because Goldie Hawn is amazing and can nail the joke every time. It also annoys me that Amy’s character is the only one without a complete arc, Goldie get’s one and the brother character Jeffrey (Played by Ike Barinholtz) get’s one, even Wanda and Joan end up getting one but Amy? She doesn’t get one, or at least not a good one.

I’m also just going to say it, “Americans kidnapped by evil foreigners” in 2017? I hate being that guy but come on, that plotline is old and tired at this point. I saw this same plotline on The Simpsons during one of it’s many “We’ve run out of ideas” years, it was old then and it’s old now. There’s not even anything really new done with this concept, it feels old.

It’s not like Snatched is a bad film, it can get a fair few laughs thanks to its two leads. The problem is that one of them is clearly better, the plotline feels worn and outdated as hell and a full third of the film is barely even interesting. It snatched mediocrity from the jaws of awful, and that’s something… I guess.


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