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Oscar Predictions 2021

Once again that time has come around, the time where Hollywood hands out awards for what it claims to be the best films of the year (as voted on by Hollywood, so they’re totally not biased in the slightest). That’s right, it’s Oscar time! This year has naturally been a little different, what with a world ending plague putting a dead stop to Hollywood’s output. 

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Oscar Predictions

Last year, around this time, the 2017 Oscars happened and I looked at the Best Picture nominees and I’d seen none of them. NONE. Not a single one of those movies was one that I saw. I would eventually see Hidden Figures but every other movie? Nope. That lead me to try and see every film and, in turn, led to this blog where I can now give my actual opinions on the Oscars since, with the exception of Phantom Thread, I’ve seen pretty much all the nominees. As of right now I haven’t found anywhere that’ll show Phantom Thread near me so I can see it, maybe that’ll change between now and Oscar day but until then, here are my picks.

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