Last year, around this time, the 2017 Oscars happened and I looked at the Best Picture nominees and I’d seen none of them. NONE. Not a single one of those movies was one that I saw. I would eventually see Hidden Figures but every other movie? Nope. That lead me to try and see every film and, in turn, led to this blog where I can now give my actual opinions on the Oscars since, with the exception of Phantom Thread, I’ve seen pretty much all the nominees. As of right now I haven’t found anywhere that’ll show Phantom Thread near me so I can see it, maybe that’ll change between now and Oscar day but until then, here are my picks.



There is a huge part of me that would love it if Get Out shocked everyone and won. It was my favourite movie of last year and it’s well crafted, engaging, great performances, basically if it wasn’t an outright Horror film it’d probably be a shoe-in, but horror films seldom win Best Picture (Though god it’s lovely to see one nominated).

No, my money is on The Shape Of Water, a film so beautiful that it actually causes everything else to look fugly by comparison. A love story with a twist that, on it’s premise alone, shouldn’t work as well as it does with great performances and expert direction it’s basically got that award locked away considering it’s nominated in every category, including some that they just made up specifically to give an award to The Shape Of Water


Winston Churchill Gary Oldman.jpg

While this one’s a little tougher because I haven’t seen what Daniel Day-Lewis did (And that man is basically designed to win awards any time he pops up on screen) or seen what Denzel did for Roman J. Isreal (Though every review I’ve seen hasn’t been kind to that movie), this year is so clearly Gary Oldman’s year to take home that award for his role in Darkest Hour. He completely enveloped the role of Winston Churchill like it was his own skin and made a performance so convincing that I genuinely forgot that it was Gary Oldman under all that makeup. He provided the character with warmth and charm that I couldn’t have imagined anyone else doing and it’ll nice to see him finally get that Oscar.


three-billboards-3.jpgI may not have cared for Three Billboards as much as some did, but I can recognize a great performance and Frances McDormand has that award on lock. While she has some competition from Margot, Sally and Saoirse (Meryl’s nominated because that’s what she does, but she isn’t winning it this time), Frances blew everyone out of the water and put enough eccentricities into her performance that it’ll be a shock if anyone else wins it from under her… though if they do, please let it be Sally Hawkins.



Even though Sam Rockwell is the one with the best odds (Since he’s won every time so far), I hope Christopher Plummer get’s the recognition that he deserves for his work on All The Money In The World. Even if we ignore that he had under a month to replace Spacey, it’s still a fantastic performance that made his character charming and hateable at the same time. I absolutely understood why people would do anything that J. Paul Getty asked them to do and why they’d hate him afterwards. He created a great performance that would’ve been nomination worthy even if he hadn’t pulled it off in under a month. Frankly, he deserves the award for the feat of turning that performance in with the time restrictions he had… also Sam Rockwell’s performance wasn’t even that good, if anyone from Three Billboards wins it should be Woody Harrelson.



Allison Janney is making space on her mantel for that award right now. Sorry everyone else, I’m sure you’d really like that award but Allison pulled off a powerhouse performance that was funny and creative and stole the screen every time she turned up, and keep in mind she’s in a movie about Tonya Harding who should be impossible to upstage.


Guillermo del Toro put together one of the most brilliant films that’s ever been released, can we just say that? Kevin Smith put it best when he tweeted

It is nothing short of a miracle that Guillermo managed to make this movie happen and make it as engaging as he did. If any director this year deserves this award it’s him. That being said, who want’s to explain to me why Ridley Scott isn’t nominated? I will wait!


Get Out.jpgTo be fair, it’s hard to judge a screenplay based on the end result because we’re going based upon assumptions of the original material. That being said, if Get Out doesn’t win Best Original Screenplay I’m going to be pissed. Get Out‘s script is immaculate, the dialogue is sharp and to the point, the story is impeccable and can we just enjoy the brilliance of how they interjected humour in a way that had to be there right from the first draft. While I’m sadly aware Get Out isn’t going to sweep the Oscars, this is the one I think it deserves to get.

In a similar vein, Logan getting Best Adapted Screenplay would be a perfect ending. While Disaster Artist and Molly’s Game were fun, Logan had the hard task of adapting a comic while also keeping it in continuity with the films AND being engaging all on it’s own and the structure of it is so good that, at a foundational level, this film wouldn’t have been as good without the script it got. Plus, I really want to see a superhero movie to win for a reason that isn’t “Sorry we didn’t give you an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain


au_movie_poster_coco_1_50f85f97.jpegFirst off, why the hell is Boss Baby nominated and Captain Underpants not? What is this reality we’re living in and when can I leave it? Second, Coco. It’s going to be Coco. This isn’t even worthy of discussion because you know it’ll be Coco, I know it’ll be Coco, your dog knows it’s going to be Coco. Coco was amazing, it’s Pixar and it’s great, it’ll win.

Now watch as Ferdinand wins and shocks everyone.





The rest are all technical awards and I can never tell with those, those are the awards that end up going to movies like Suicide Squad (Won Best Makeup last year, remember how everyone lost their minds about that?) or has nominees like Norbit (Yeah, NORBIT IS AN OSCAR NOMINATED MOVIE!) so I don’t really wanna comment on them, plus they’re the awards that they talk about in the ad breaks. I also didn’t see any of the best foreign film nominees or the short subject nominees. I also only saw 1 of the best documentary nominees, Icarus (which I highly recommend) so I can’t really pick from them either but I have this feeling that this year is not going to be like any other normal year when it comes to the Oscars. This year, the movies that’re typical Oscar bait have no chance. This year we might have seen the start of something special where Oscars are actually being given to the actual best films, not those that tickle the balls of the Oscar voters.


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