Can you believe that it’s only the second episode and already it’s clear how much of an improvement this season is? Season 10 wanted to celebrate a decade of Drag Race and they’re doing that. There is not a dull moment to be found here and I’m living for all of it. I’m living, I’m dying, I need medication to help me cope with it all. Let’s talk about some of the highlights this week.

5abdf312d79ac115923054.gifI just need to open by loving on The Vixen like there’s no tomorrow? I’ve been waiting for about 3 seasons now for some queen to be the one to go “No, stop dancing around, this is what happened” when something began happening in the workroom. Her bringing up the Untucked conversation from last week about Aquaria and Miz Cracker was everything because she wasn’t taking them dancing around the actual topic, she was just dragging it out of Aquaria. It was everything I needed in life, I needed someone to actually call out bullshit when it pops up and The Vixen did exactly that. She is amazing, she’s ballsy and goddamn it this episode let her shine. I hope every single week has The Vixen just calling someone out on their bullshit because it’s absolutely amazing, Monet x Change put it best when she called The Vixen “the whistleblower of the season” and much like Monet, I’m here for it.

Also, I need the shirt Dusty Ray Bottoms had on. Someone tell me where that shirt is available from, I can’t find it in Alexis’ merch store… cos she doesn’t seem to have one.

5abdf38a48586361557388.gifI’m so gleeful seeing that the queens are getting to do mini-challenges again. Yes, we had one last week but I worried it was just a first-week excuse to have every queen come back but it seems like it’s going to be a regular thing now which I’m very OK with. For some reason Andy Cohen is there and, while he’s fun, surely he’s better for a Real Housewives challenge. I mean, he is responsible for that show existing so why not save him for that? Also, why not have him in a week when he can actually watch the main stage performance? How is he somehow less available than Christina Aguilera? I don’t get it. The mini challenge itself is pretty fun, it’s a ho-down dance challenge where the girls did quick drag and had to dance to amuse Ru and Andy. Even though she didn’t win, major props to Blair St Clair for doing what every single one of us would’ve wanted to do… grabbed Jason from the Pit Crew just got him to spin her around for a bit. It’s one of those moments that I’m stunned doesn’t happen more often.

5abdf3e54d768789218305.gifThe Vixen and Asia O’Hara are the winners so they picked the teams for the main challenge, a lip sync extravaganza inspired by pharmaceuticals. It’s silly fun but honestly, there’s less there than there was for previous major lip sync challenges. Glamazonian Airways had a tone it could rest on, it could lean into being an airline safety video. Kardashian: The Musical was taking Hamilton and applying Kardashian’s to it. Bitch Perfect was… I think you get the point. Meanwhile, PharmaRusical doesn’t have that structure to work with so the concept behind it is a little iffy. it ends up being just a series of sketches that’re linked by drugs and nothing else which makes it less memorable. The only thing that’s really memorable about this entire section in the workroom is Asia getting upset at Eureka suggesting that they might want to do a read through before they hit the stage… which, as we will learn later, they should’ve probably done. Other than that, there’s not much of real interest until we hit the main stage.

5abdf48ac64aa570666646.gifWhen Alyssa Edwards is revealed as the choreographer, I’m so damn happy. She’s a brilliant dancer and a great teacher, plus it’s just nice to see the show using prior talent to help the new queens. I hope this happens from now on, get Jinkx in to help them with a singing challenge or get Bianca in to help with a comedy challenge, I genuinely love this so much. Alyssa is so fun and she gives the girls great critique and pushes them so much to going as far as they can. She got them to take everything from a 7 to a 15. She made damn sure that these queens were here to be queens. Plus there was a sweet moment where she took a private moment with Eureka to try and pull Eureka out of her head which just made me so happy. I hope she’s going to be back every season to do this, maybe with Laganja and Shangela as her assistants next time? Just a suggestion.

5abdf511cfdb2380895382.gifGoing back to Eureka, this episode really is all about her dealing with the fear of being back. It would’ve only been about a year before this episode was shot when she injured her knee, it was the second episode of season 9 so it makes sense that the second episode of season 10 would terrify her. It’s easy to feel for her, this is a big deal and obviously a physical challenge like this will make her nervous considering how she only recently went through physical therapy. Seeing her break down (Both in the main episode and Untucked) is heartbreaking. She’s not just this loud boisterous shero that we all have come to love, she’s also this queen who just went through the most terrifying experience of her life and had about 1 year to try and cope with potentially permanent damage to her knee. She’s strong as hell and seeing her break down pulls at the heartstrings.

5abdf563bd756970079474.gifThe main stage challenge ends up being OK. Just OK. It’s not hilariously funny, there are no real moments for anyone to truly stand out, it’s just OK. It goes from sketch to sketch and none of them is particularly funny. The only moment that made me chuckle was “Flaccida” because I’m here for a good reference to the past in the show. What saves this challenge from being boring is the performances by the queens who really bring it. Even the forgettable ones were actually pretty funny with how they performed the number, with great choreography by Alyssa. It is pretty sad seeing Eureka missing most of the lyrics because she’s better than this and I think she knows it. The queens give a good performance despite subpar material, certainly worse than previous big lip sync challenges from the past.

5abdf5c820341350783463.gifThe challenge itself get’s won by The Vixen which feels correct, she’s the one who stood out the most this entire episode and she’s just been giving me everything I need. Her expressions were everything, her lip sync was on point, her runway outfit was giving me Slutty Princess Disastah and I lived for it. I live for The Vixen in general. Last episode I was admittedly a little less into her but this week? I’m in, I’m all in. If there is an anal option for how I can take all The Vixen possible, I’ll take it.

Eureka O'HaraBottom two are Kalorie and Eureka which makes sense. Sadly both of them had a basic bodysuit for their best drag, which we know is a lie because they both have much better outfits hanging on the racks. We know everyone has much better drag and it’s honestly disappointing. You know what isn’t disappointing though? That fucking lipsync. This is one of those lip syncs that I love the most, one where both queens are giving it everything and it’s so close that a “Shante you both stay” would’ve been acceptable. They perform “Best Of My Love” by The Emotions and they give you the best they’ve got. Kalorie is so full of warmth and joy, every dance move is in perfect time and she knows every single lyric. She was giving a great performance that would’ve won her the lip sync any other week… but she was up against Eureka who goddamn LIVED the song. Every single shot of her there was something new to enjoy, she was making sure everything she did got Ru’s attention. She didn’t have to do death drops or any elaborate dance moves, she just owned the song and made your attention go straight to her. She took the audience to church and every single inch of that stage was Eureka’s and Eureka’s alone. I’d of been fine with them both staying, but Eureka absolutely slayed.

5abdf79c4101a185425676.gifThankfully, Eureka got to stay so we get to see more of our glorious comeback queen. Sadly that means Kalorie Karbdashian Williams was sent home which is a shame because that big girl has a big heart and there is so much sweetness in her that I wanted to see more of. She’s got so much to offer and won’t going to be forgotten for a long time. I’m certain that her home state is beyond proud of her, she was a pure delight and hopefully, we’ll see more of her at some point. If you liked her then go see her when she comes to you. When she get’s her tour page set up, go find a date and go see her because we know she can turn out a lipsync. Buy her merch, follow her socials, give her love that she deserves because while we may call out these queens for screwing things up occasionally, they’re queens for a reason and deserve as much love as we can give them.

Let’s just call it, Season 10 is going to be one of the best and it’s down to the fact that this batch of queens is fun and a pure delight to watch.

Top Five Favourite Lines

Aquaria: The key to doing well in this challenge is to keep your lipsync straight, your choreography gay and your characterisation bi-curious

Eureka: I’m back to walking, running, sucking dick.

Michelle Visage: I have a hard time believing this is your best drag (She said this to Yuhua but let’s be honest, she should’ve said it to all of them)

Kalorie Karbdashian: Just remember, Carbs are friends… and food.

About 40 goddamn people: Is there an anal option?


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