You know, it’s funny that we’re about a week away from the Academy Awards and yet I’m here bragging about the fact that I also have won an award, one I might not have known about were it not for fellow award winner Film-Authority bragging about theirs. A very real case of they showed me theirs so now I’m showing mine, for I too am on the Screench list of best movie critics.

I even get to put this image on my blog, which I will do here and also somewhere else on this page when I figure out how to do that because WordPress editing is hard (it’s partially why I haven’t changed the header, that and I have no design skills and can’t make a good header)

Screench Award

To be very serious for a second, even being on a small list like this made by another blogger means a ton to me. I started this blog mostly because I was annoying people on facebook by posting lengthy diatribes about movies I saw and now look at me, annoying people on facebook with external links to my lengthy diatribes about movies I saw.

Even as small as I am, I still get stunned when I see that people want to read my opinions on movies. It still tickles me when someone likes a post I made. Hell, the fact that this blog turned into regularly writing for Soda & Telepaths makes me obscenely happy. Maybe this year I’ll even work out how to get on a PR list and review movies before they come out, like a real critic does (yes, anyone who knows how to do this is free to hit me up and tell my stupid ass how to do this).

I can’t say enough how much I genuinely appreciate this. I feel on top of the world… at #29, which is honestly a better result than I ever got in any sports competition so clearly I’m onto something here.

3 thoughts on “Screench Award Winning Blog

    1. Clearly we need to get the other winners to join us in recording a version of “We Are The Champions” to send to all the other blogs who didn’t win… that feels like the correct way to celebrate this


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