You know, it’s funny that we’re about a week away from the Academy Awards and yet I’m here bragging about the fact that I also have won an award, one I might not have known about were it not for fellow award winner Film-Authority bragging about theirs. A very real case of they showed me theirs so now I’m showing mine, for I too am on the Screench list of best movie critics.

I even get to put this image on my blog, which I will do here and also somewhere else on this page when I figure out how to do that because WordPress editing is hard (it’s partially why I haven’t changed the header, that and I have no design skills and can’t make a good header)

Screench Award

To be very serious for a second, even being on a small list like this made by another blogger means a ton to me. I started this blog mostly because I was annoying people on facebook by posting lengthy diatribes about movies I saw and now look at me, annoying people on facebook with external links to my lengthy diatribes about movies I saw.

Even as small as I am, I still get stunned when I see that people want to read my opinions on movies. It still tickles me when someone likes a post I made. Hell, the fact that this blog turned into regularly writing for Soda & Telepaths makes me obscenely happy. Maybe this year I’ll even work out how to get on a PR list and review movies before they come out, like a real critic does (yes, anyone who knows how to do this is free to hit me up and tell my stupid ass how to do this).

I can’t say enough how much I genuinely appreciate this. I feel on top of the world… at #29, which is honestly a better result than I ever got in any sports competition so clearly I’m onto something here.

3 thoughts on “Screench Award Winning Blog

    1. Clearly we need to get the other winners to join us in recording a version of “We Are The Champions” to send to all the other blogs who didn’t win… that feels like the correct way to celebrate this

      1. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that! I was thinking We Are The World (‘s Top 30 Critics). It’s a shame anyone has to lose, but better them than us.

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