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Netflix has done it again. Proving to the world why they are the masters of their domain. The list of their hit shows just keeps pounding away, slapping us in the face with their awesomeness. The latest addition to this cavalcade of creativity is American Vandal, a show about a young boy who has been accused of the most heinous of crimes… drawing meter long king kong dongs everywhere!


Yes, this show seems so amazing that even Dick Wolf himself feels cheated that he didn’t think of it first. This is truly the big dipper of TV parody shows that took the formula made famous in Making A Murderer and just whipped out its Wally the one-eyed wonder wiener and showed everyone how it was done. This looks like a compelling drama that’ll grab Hollywood by the twig and berries and keep everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for it’s thrilling conclusion. I personally cannot wait to sit alone in my room and watch this piece of art that I will eventually share with all my good friends like Sargeant Stiffy, Richard and the Twins, Wee Willy Winkie and of course Puff the One-Eyed Dragon.

Now I know some of you are looking at this trailer, possibly with one eye only, and saying “But, old fellow, what artistic merit is there in a show about a teenage todger-enthusiast getting caught drawing dozens of decently detailed dongers?” and for that we need to break down this trailer, tear the meat from the shaft and see what elements are contained in this piece of art.

Making Of A Middle Stump

The most obvious reference in this piece of penile performance art is to Making A Murderer, a series about a man who is accused of the far less serious crime of murder but may be innocent. Thus the entire series follows his trial and the evidence that may prove his innocence, eventually. It’s truly a great series but sadly, that series never mentioned a moisture and heat-seeking venomous throbbing python of love. So, really, is it that great? Yes, it’s just lacking dick. Its style was pretty good though and American Vandal lifts heavily from it just in terms of the concept of a docu-series (Oh did I mention this was a series? Because it is, an eight-episode docu-series… because art)

xnauq7hccx2v6p3h6gnu.jpgThey sure had balls to copy the layout this obviously

There’s also a bit of similarity in the advertising images used in both, one of the American Vandal images just lifts every throbbing inch of the concept from a famous bit of the advertising artwork used in Making A Murderer. But this wouldn’t be the only time that this series is going to make us cock-eyed.

The Knobbers

The Keepers is another very recent docu-series that Netflix have jackhammered into our psyche and, like any good leaky hose full of entertainment, they had a ton of advertising for it. Particularly one where the name of the series is painted over the eyes of the Sister at the center of it. This was borrowed and used in American Vandal, except replace a nun with our star pink-oboe doodler.

wdjjp4gorqx3xghmdrhs.jpgWonder what they’re keeping, know what I mean, know what I mean?

The Keeper also revolves around what actually happened to the sister, and American Vandal revolves around who actually is responsible for the dissemination of designer dicks on the dashboards of every car in the parking lot.

Kids For Chode

Another major documentary that this movie is lifting from is Kids For Cash, a gripping documentary about a bunch of children who were locked in prison because the judge was taking bribes from the private prison system. One key factor of that film was the interviews with the children taken in their own room, and this series appears like it’ll be doing the same thing. It’ll be showing you the main character’s junk… as in the junk in his bedroom, not the pants python, although you never know with Netflix… actually I do know, they probably won’t.

lejsjkbxunbn0atijsa4Just saying, his hands are in a strange position.

The Threadick

The Thread is another great documentary you can find on Netflix which is about the Boston Bomber, specifically about how social media was used in an attempt to figure out who it was and at several points they show elements of social media that were happening at the time to show us how misinformation spread like herpes.


Based on the American Vandal trailer we’re able to see that social media will be thrust into our face again and again, probably shot right in our eyes. It’s an obvious attempt to show the spreading of this heinous crime and just how big it all is, which is good because, when it comes to this kind of crime, size matters.

Tower (Damn, Don’t Even Need A Cheap Pun For This One. Tower Is Totally A Penis Word)

One film that has gone under the radar is Tower, a film that uses recreations and animation in order to tell the story of the 1966 shootings at the University of Texas. It’s actually a really great gripping film that I suggest you go watch and I can’t even really make a joke about because it’s genuinely a great movie that deserves better than my forced puns.

tkalhpsh9owjssujddm8.pngMan, that Friday the 13th game looks weird

This idea of an animated recreation is one that American Vandal will also clearly be leaning on, as with this obviously essential scene of a brave woman aiding our hero by removing the dipstick from his bright red onesie… oh wait, that’s CGI. Still, the point is she’s pulling on his pecker and it’s animated which is essential to the discovery of who committed this baby-arm based crime.


j56bxms0r3boykhcjxet.pngMake it trend people


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