Uploaded to MoviePilot July 18th 2017, AKA Months before the announcement. This was a prediction when I wrote it, some of them are wrong but still putting it up so I can keep it. This means that when I say things like “It’s almost a given All Stars 3 is going to happen”, this was back when we didn’t have confirmation. Also some links I used are dead now so I’ve deleted them.

2017 has been a fantastic year for RuPaul’s Drag Race. Season nine aired to the highest ratings ever, season 10 was confirmed to be happening with one queen already locked in and on July 13th they were nominated for a staggering eight Emmy Awards, including Best Host and Best Reality Competition. It’s also gotten one for Best Casting and that’s what we’re going to talk about today, because, after the success of season nine, it’s almost a given that All Stars Three is going to happen.

Before we get started I want to stress that Logo itself has not confirmed that All Stars Three is happening (Edit Note: Oh past me), they probably won’t until a month or two before it airs because that’s what they did last time. They announced the cast of All Stars Two in June of 2016, we saw the show in August of 2016 so if this is any indication then we’re about a year from cast confirmation. However many fans have noticed certain queens have become mysteriously absent in the months that All Stars would be filmed during, around August is the window when this show tends to be filmed. There are also show promoters that have indicated that the queens have cancelled their gigs in order to film All Stars. So to make this as clear as I can, what follows is speculation without official confirmation. Well, no confirmation by Logo anyway. This cast list is comprised of people who have a hole in their schedule that matches the estimated filming dates or have dropped hints about who is part of the season. A lot of this is using Reddit to help confirm things and I will try to credit everyone where possible with this info.

Here is the thread where a ton of info was found or where I went off to contradict what they said, but it’s a great source to start with. One key thing to note is that the shooting dates are currently assumed to be sometime between July 19th and August 22nd. It’s a big estimate because we’re guessing that it’ll be the same as All Stars Two, meaning there will probably be 10 contestants and eight episodes filmed. The ninth one being the reunion, which is filmed when the show itself airs. Every show takes two days to film meaning there’s a 16-day window to shoot in. If we include weekends off (I don’t know if they do that but we’re going on a lot of assumptions) then that shooting window expands to about 22 days at the most extreme. We’re looking for gaps that could fit this timeline and it will not be perfect, this is always hard to figure out and every season we get most of the queens but not all of them. Except for All Stars Two, when an ex-boyfriend of Alaska’s just spilled everything from who was in the season up to the elimination order. So I want it to be made clear, we’re going on a lot of guesswork, noticing cancellations and holes in tour schedules from queens who we assume fit the title of All Star. This method isn’t perfect but it gives us a peek into what might be coming. Or at least it’ll be fun to speculate and amp ourselves up for a season we won’t see for a year.

The best confirmation that All Stars Three is happening right now is Willam Belli, who said on his public Tumblr account that All Stars Three is happening and that the calls have been made. We have a few other things that I’ll bring up as we go through the queens and why they might be on the season. If anything is confirmed by Logo (or some bitter ex-boyfriend of a queen want’s to unleash hell and just spoil the entire season again) I will update this article instantly but for now, let’s go through the potential queens. For the sake of time, I’m going to limit this to 10 since that was how many queens were on All Stars Two and all signs suggest that they may be repeating that formula.To repeat the first line of this article, you are warned, there is a chance of spoilers for a season of TV that isn’t even finished filming yet so if you don’t want to risk that then do not go below the divider. Now, let’s be Nancy Drew’s and solve this mystery.



Reason For Speculation: This is the one that started me making this list because the reason we know she may be on the show has to do with my home country of Australia. Aja was meant to be touring down under with Detox from July 21st to the 26th, however she had to pull out of the tour citing “top secret filming business”. Unless it turns out that somehow she’s guest starring on Season 10 for some reason, all bets point towards it being All Stars Three. Even InTheDark Events suggest that with their playful addition of “Wonder what that could be” when telling people about the sudden change in the tour information. Also if you go to Aja’s website you notice that her last booked date was July 13th, it lists the Australian tour but we now know she’s been replaced with Manilla for that. So while we have a promoter pretty much saying it, there’s a snag to this theory and that is a little show called “War On The Catwalk”.

“War On The Catwalk” is touring with a lot of season nine girls and one of them, in August, is Aja. This raises the question of just what is this top secret filming business that forced her out of the Australian tour? Seems like a weird lie if she wasn’t on All Stars. We will need to see if she turns up to these gigs in August, if she does then that throws her off the list instantly but something tells me there might be an announcement soon regarding this because cancelling that Australian tour for secret filming is suspicious. Also considering that she has apparently been replaced on one of the dates she was meant to do (August 3rd, this happened as I was researching this article), it’s starting to look like she’s got something going on around this time.

Why She’s An All Star?: First off she is the one who created the biggest catchphrase of season nine with her “You look like Linda Evangelista” rant during Untucked. She also was the highlight of the finale when she led the charge in getting the Miss Congeniality award renamed “Fan Favorite” after Valentina’s not-so-shocking win. Finally, there are her lip syncs. She had two of them on Drag Race and they were easily some of the best. Her performance of I Need A Hero ranks up there with the best of them (Though it’s not better than Tandi Iman Dupree’s version but then again what is?) and her performance in Finally would’ve saved her had Nina Bonina Brown not completely destroyed everyone.

Since the show, she has had a serious glow up. People noticed a huge improvement just at the finale and her lip syncs have only gotten better, including one that got a tonne of attention where she did an emotional lip sync to My Kind of Love by Emili Sandre while negative comments that’d been left on her social media were projected behind her. Since we have effectively got confirmation from a promoter that she’s in, expect this queen to bring us the drama and the lip syncs that we live for.



Reason For Speculation: Another case of a promoter spilling the T for everyone. Someone by the username of Fayettevillain08 posted a thread to Reddit (Which any fan will tell you is a supreme source for this kind of info) discussing that they’d emailed a promoter in order to see if they could get tickets to one of BenDeLa’s shows. What followed was an email which said the following

The artist cancelled the gig because he was invited to be in RU PAUL All star drag revue and was told to us, at the Crown last minute…Nothing needs to “be fixed” there are no shows unfortunately due to the great opportunity for Ben.

This is backed up by going to BenDeLa’s website and we see that between now and mid-August that the only show booked is at that venue… it doesn’t appear however on The Crown’s website, they do not appear to be selling tickets since as far as we know this engagement is cancelled. So suddenly BenDeLa has about a month free on her schedule which is plenty of time to film All Stars.

The only problem with all this might be an interview BenDeLa gave about a year ago when All Stars Two was airing where she states, in no uncertain terms, she wouldn’t do the show again. Maybe since then, she’s changed her mind, but there’s only going to be one way to find out.

Why She’s An All Star?: BenDeLeCreme has the distinction of being a Miss Congeniality winner, that in itself is always a good way to get on All Stars. In the past Nina Flowers, Pandora Boxx, Yara Sofia, Latrice Royale and Katya all had the distinction of being Miss Congeniality & an All Star contestant. On top of that BenDeLa has been getting great reviews for her one woman show Inferno A-Go-go and her elimination back in season six was one of the most controversial in the series. It makes sense that she’d get a chance to come back eventually.



Reason For Speculation: This is where I feel the need to repeat that this is all me spotting holes in schedules and making educated guesses because unlike the last two, I don’t have a bitter promoter blabbing to back this one up. On Milk’s website, there are no upcoming dates on her calendar page (As of the date of publication). This might mean something because, to the best of my knowledge, the website was last updated on the 14th of July. Also of note is the last date I can find a performance for her is the 15th of July, meaning that she has a pretty big opening to go and do All Stars. She also has been absent from all social media since the 9th though that could just be due to being busy with London Pride and preparing for the gig on the 15th, but the lack of known future dates does raise a curious brow.

Oh, and she also snapchatted this


So that might be a bit of a hint.

Why She’s An All Star?: Milk had to be one of the most interesting queens in her season with her weird looks that would end up influencing future challenges (Her beard look in season six undoubtedly lead to the beard runway in season seven). She has gone on to be a bit of a model with photos of her in and out of drag circulating and she’s proven to be quite the interesting entertainer. She’s still that quirky creation we saw in season six but she’s definitely upped her game since then.

Trixie Mattel


Reason For Speculation: Trixie was one of the queens that a lot of fans expected to end up on All Stars 2. She was a pretty big fan favorite during her season, the hashtag #JusticeForTrixie began circulating the first time she was eliminated in her season. She brought a very fun kind of energy to the runway with her extreme makeup which we now know was toned down. She is also a queen who has a substantial gap in her schedule, with no gigs booked til the 6th of August and then another gap until the 26th. Considering that this is a queen who works all the time, that’s an eyebrow raiser. Plus considering she has recently released an album and is on the very popular youtube series UNHhhh, it stands to reason that she’d be getting looked at for a spot. Also there was a poll on the website Queerty and sure enough, Trixie is at the top of that list. Not a scientific poll by any standards but the producers do look at these things so it may have helped. The only issue is that booking on the 6th at a place called Oilcan Harrys. While that event is on Trixie’s site, lord help me if it’s on Oilcan Harry’s. If it pops up, we have a problem with this one but keep your eyes peeled to Oilcan Harry’s just in case.

Why She’s An All Star?: Again, she got #JusticeForTrixie trending which isn’t a small feat. She has a certain comedy style that really resonated on her season, her hyper barbie look got really popular for a while and anyone who has seen her live shows has come away with a good story or two. She just seems like the kind of outrageous comedy queen we need… though I hope they let her do her original Snatch Game idea which was Anne Frank. Apparently, she was told to not even bring it during season seven but god I hope she brings it this time because it’s so wrong and we need a real shock choice during an All Star Snatch Game.

Adore Delano


Reason For Speculation: Speaking of complete speculation, this one might be the biggest leap of them all but hear me out. Adore was the first queen in the history of Drag Race to walk out of her own accord. By Adore’s own admission she had a hectic schedule and a lot of bad things around that time and wasn’t in the best frame of mind. Her schedule for September of this year is pretty hectic with a lot of shows in the UK and Texas but she has a giant gap at the start of August when filming is allegedly going to happen. Also during the All Stars Two finale RuPaul did flat out ask if she would be up for doing All Stars Three and while that’s not as definitive as her offer to Eureka, it still carries a fair bit of weight especially considering that Adore did say she’d be down for it.

Now this being said we have to point out that she did compete in All Stars Two and that may be it, she could just be taking a holiday. But again, her exit was so shocking and Ru did mention a possible return so let’s put her in the “Maybe” column for now.

Why She’s An All Star: … she literally was on All Stars Two. I don’t need a paragraph on this one. She’s Adore freaking Delano, that’s why.



Reason For Speculation: When you just win Miss Congeniality (Or Miss Fan Favorite, whatever that award is called now) and you have undoubtedly the biggest fanbase of any queen in the last season that aired it stands to reason that you work every week of the year after your season airs. So why is it that on Valentina’s website the show dates stop at July 15th and the next show that I’m able to find from her is in the UK on the 17th of August. Again, please remember that this queen was the most popular queen of her season, the finale was only a few weeks ago so why would she pick now to suddenly not be touring when frankly she should be working non stop until the next season of queens take a sizable chunk of attention from her? Yeah, she suddenly stops having gigs on her schedule two weeks after the finale of her season. Anyone else think that’s enough of a reason to be suspicious? This one may be another ‘maybe’ but it’s a pretty big maybe.

Why She’s An All Star?: She was the Linda Evangelista of her season, the one that everyone thought was going to win. She only had been doing drag professionally for a very short amount of time but never turned out a bad look. Her only downfall was simply the belief that she was unstoppable and forgetting to learn words for her Greedy lip sync, which itself became one of the most iconic moments in the series. Also her fan base is huge and intense, no queen got as much love or as many defenders as Valentina did so it wouldn’t surprise me if that huge reaction towards her pushed her through to All Stars 2.

AUTHORS NOTE: So I wrote this article about a week ago and something happened when it was published so this section wasn’t readable. As I added it back, I had to get the link to Valentina’s tour dates. Sure enough, she now has dates within our window meaning this section of the article is wrong and she is more than likely NOT on All Stars Three. This is, of course, depending on if she keeps those early August dates.

Nina Bonina Brown


Reason For Speculation: I will admit to some mild personal bias here, namely that I love Nina and would love to have seen more of her. Considering that her schedule has this giant gap between the 27th of July and the 25th of August, maybe I’m getting that wish. Again, she just came off a very successful season. In fact you will notice that the finale is listed in her events list so we know this was written up just before that happened (Leading me to believe that they asked the queens to clear a space in their schedule back then, which is also why I believe none of the top four are coming back. With the exception of Shea Coulee they all have very full calendars and I can’t even find Shea’s Calendar so I can’t confirm any gaps that fit but considering she’s due to record something with Azealia Banks, I think she’s busy). Considering how popular Nina got and how much she likes to work you have to wonder why she’s working every single week from the finale until the 27th, and then she’s not working the 28th or 29th when she could be potentially making more coins. It’s almost like she might have to be on a plane from the UK on the 28th in order to get back to LA in time to be sequestered and put on All Stars Three. Just a thought.

The problem with this addition to the list is the same problem that Aja has, namely that she is also listed as a member of the cast of the War On The Catwalk show, though in less cities than Aja is. However she starts her tour on the War on the 8th of August in Phoenix Arizona which, coincidentally, is three days after Eureka’s last show (And we know for a fact Eureka is in Season 10 meaning she probably left the tour to get ready for season 10, so potentially All Stars Three is shorter than we thought). Plus why the huge gap between the UK on the 28th and the tour on the 8th? Just saying that she could perform the weekend shows, then get back in time for the tour. If she does the tour then she’s less likely to be on All Stars, but if you hear that she cancelled the tour then we know where she went.

Why She’s An All Star?: Back in season four when Sharon Needles came around everyone said that she changed how drag was viewed. Nina did that again in season 9. From her gorgeous peach look to the Not-Mickey Mouse entrance look to the skull club kid look, she had some insane conceptual looks that relied on being crafty and they were incredible. She showed everyone what you could do with a little bit of paper and some creativity. Plus she came to the reunion with some truly glamorous looks showing that she could do fishy if she wanted. She was a lip sync assassin with some of the best performances in the season, she made us laugh and cry all at once and perhaps most importantly… she should’ve been Blac Chyna.

AUTHORS NOTE: As with Valentina, I had to add this part back into the article and again I had to check the tour dates. It now shows more early August dates meaning Nina is more than likely not in the list. This is why predictions this early are very hard, tiny changes throw everything off. Just updating this because I feel the need to be honest when things change.

Thorgy Thor


Reason For Speculation: Before I give my reasons may I just have a sidebar to express something to the queens? UPDATE YOUR DAMN WEBSITES! I swear finding tour dates is hard enough but some of you don’t even have shows listed this year, I think one of you stopped updating your site in 2015. Get Squarespace, Ru can hook you up with a discount, just do it and make this easier.

I say this because I thought Thorgy’s shows ended in July and was about to jump away because that wasn’t enough concrete proof for me (As though any of this is concrete) when I had to do more looking. If you go to her facebook page Thorgy has posters for a few more gigs that aren’t on her main site. Sure enough, there’s the magic window I’m looking for. She has a show on July 29th and then we don’t see another show in August until the 25th. That’s plenty of time for her to do All Stars Three and considering how she was considered a front runner in Season Eight, makes sense to bring her in. Yes, we’re now just looking for that gap. Why? Because considering season Nine just finished airing, now is the worst time to take a break because demand is so high. Now the problem with her may be that July 29th show which does fall very close to the estimated filming dates

Why She’s An All Star?: She was always the queen who was closest to winning a challenge when Bob, the eventual winner of her season, would take the challenge. Thorgy did great in the Empire challenge, the Snatch Game was amazing but both times she was beaten by Bob. She has since gone on to some pretty big things, most notably is her cameo in the award-winning Mozart In The Jungle where she showed off her skill with a violin. It’s one of those things that’s going to get you noticed by the producers looking for someone who grew since their season.

Ivy Winters


Reason For Speculation: So here’s a weird thing, why has Ivy seemingly dropped off social media? Apart from a video on her instagram talking about bats in her attic, she hasn’t posted anything since June when she told everyone that she was going to be at NYC Drag Con in September. Other than that there aren’t any major upcoming gigs that I can find. Considering she’s a Miss Congeniality winner that also adds to the reasons why she might be on since that prize is effectively a ticket to All Stars and since she wasn’t on All Stars Two (Possibly because they had half a dozen Season Five queens already) she would probably fit in well with the artsy bunch that’s slowly being collected for All Stars Three

Why She’s An All Star?: Have you seen this queen live? I saw her last year during the big Drag Race Battle Of The Seasons tour and she is amazing as a performer, she sang I Believe In A Thing Called Love and hit those insane high notes without a thought. She can juggle, sew anything she want’s, does circus tricks. She’s got a ton of talent in her that would really be good to show off again.

Morgan McMichaels


Reason For Speculation: Here’s where I really have to try and go full research mode to back this one up. Morgan is a very easy queen to find, she has a stable group of bars that she performs at and occasionally does tours so let’s just try and check all those. She is considered a regular at Mickey’s where she performs on Mondays. Well if we head on over to Mickey’s website (Because of course Morgan’s website hasn’t been updated. Thanks Morgan) you notice that the drag shows at Mickey’s stops at the end of this month and then August has no listings. OK, how about her shows at Hamburger Mary’s? She is on the poster but it’s a rotating cast of queens and at the moment I cannot find a list of who is performing in August so theoretically she could turn up. PS, this Mary’s thing is why I’m putting her at the bottom of the list.

I almost threw her off until I hit Reddit again to have a look about and there was a tip that apparently Morgan cancelled a gig at Montreal Pride. Running to the Montreal Pride site I find the page where the queens are listed and sure enough Morgan’s name isn’t listed, she’s now replaced by Derrick Barry and that alteration is confirmed by the Facebook Event page where they altered the queen in the tagged part up top, but forgot to do so in the translation (I’ve archived that in a screenshot just in case). Fun fact about prides, you really don’t see many queens cancelling gigs there unless they have a good reason. Like, oh I don’t know, going on the third season of the hit spin off series to a Emmy award winning show. Again, the fact I can’t find anything about her Mary’s gigs or her Mickey’s ones does throw me a little, but Montreal Pride is a big deal and it falls right in the window we need so who knows?

Why She’s An All Star?: Well on her season she had a lip sync that will go down as one of the tightest and most on point lip syncs in the series. Since she left the show she’s just been a working girl, hitting Mickeys and Mary’s and everywhere she can. She’s a worker who has maintained a very steady career since her season, becoming one of the Dreamgirls (It’s a big deal in the drag world) and regularly hosting at Mickey’s. Also she ‘died’ in a big dramatic bit of insanity where the season two winner claimed Morgan was dead when it was just a bit of bitter shade thrown by that winner. Morgan took that and ran with it at Mickey’s the next week in one of her better performances. She may end up pulling a Tatianna and reminding everyone why Season Two was so awesome

Special Mentions

In doing my research I noticed a few other queens were lacking in schedules but I discounted them over who I’ve picked. That being said, Shangela, Kelly Mantle, Porkchop, Trinity K Bonet and Acid Betty are five who I had the most trouble finding into about during the potential filming window. The one who I think is most likely out of those five is Shangela, but I couldn’t find a definitive window since her site’s not working properly (FIX YOUR WEBSITES GIRLS) so these are my ‘on the fence’ queens.

AUTHORS NOTE: Since I was wrong about Two of the girls, I also want to suggest Trinity and Porkchop. Not cos of the breaks in the schedule, but because both deserve another shot.

With all this said, we’re all just guessing. We’re spotting patterns and holding out hope for certain queens to be on All Stars Three. As the month goes on I’m sure Reddit will have a more definitive list, they always do but for now this is my personal speculation and all the evidence I got to back it up. I’m sure you have some suggestions that you would like to see on All Stars Three so that’s what I’d like you to do now.

So… I was close on this one. Any other queens you wish had been on this year? They’ll probably be on AS4

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