Serial Mom (1994) – Mommy Dearest

We live in a time where crime re-enactment shows are back and bigger than ever. With hit TV series like American Crime Story, films like Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile or even hit podcasts like Serial, we can’t get enough of stories about murderers and the crimes they committed. This obsession has been around for years but it really hit the big time in the 90s when the O.J. Simpson murder trial became must-see-TV and effectively took the True Crime genre into the stratosphere. Of course, whenever there’s a genre this popular it will inevitably get a few people parodying it. We’ve all seen a thousand various parodies of Making a Murderer, Netflix ended up just making an official parody of their own hit series with American Vandal. It’s an easy genre to make fun of but there was one movie that beat them all to the punch, possibly one of the earliest to parody this genre right before its big O.J. related explosion… the cult comedy Serial Mom

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From ‘Hairspray’ To ‘Pink Flamingos’: A Beginners Guide To John Waters

Uploaded to MoviePilot July 24th 2017

45 years ago a little film made by a group of renegade movie lovers was released into cinemas and the world hasn’t been the same since. It was shocking. It was appalling. It was one of the most disgusting movies to ever be put into cinemas… and I love it.

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