Boy Erased (2018) -You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Released: 8th November
Seen: 8th November

Boy Erased Info.png

In 2016, Gerrard Conley released a memoir titled “Boy Erased” about when his family enrolled him into conversion therapy in hopes of turning their gay son straight. Conversion therapy is a non-scientific form of therapy (As in, it’s not actually therapy) that claims to be able to make someone straight, something that the American Psychiatric Association says you can’t do but since when has religious fundamentalists ever listened to science? This film is an adaptation of that memoir and is meant to be a deep exploration of what happens during conversion therapy in an attempt to educate the masses of its real dangers… they have the best of intentions, I’ll give them that.

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It Comes At Night

Released 6th July (Australia)

Seen 7th November

It Comes At Night Poster.jpg

Written and Directed by Trey Edward Schults
Produced by Animal Kingdom & A24
Starring Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, Chris Abbott and Riley Keough

Some horror films like to terrify you by submerging you in a world filled with violence and screams and a high body count, some prefer to put you into a world where everything’s gone to hell and no one’s going to be able to make it out no matter how hard they try… this film is the latter kind of horror film and I genuinely love it.

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