Best List 2020

The Top Ten Best Films of 2020

Honestly, this year I almost didn’t make the best list. For months it felt like I would be pushing it and scraping the bottom of the barrel to force 10 titles to appear on the list, every seemingly great film has been moved to 2021 and what was left for the 2020 audience felt more like the kind of stuff that’d be filler in any other year. 2020 has been one of those years where it felt like finding the positives was impossible, we spent months inside and watched countries battle against fascism. If you were to ask what the highlights of the year were, most would probably say “Uh… Parasite won best picture” and that would end the list. 

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Host (2020) – Terror 404

Released: 31st July
Seen: 7th August

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2020 has been a terrible year, this one is the year we can leave out of the history books for a whole host of reasons. In terms of the real world, we now get to see what it’s like to live through a plague that spreads so quickly and easily that the only way to prevent it is for everyone to stay home. For the movies, which this blog relies on heavily for sweet delicious content, it’s meant that everything interesting has moved to next year but it also means that we now live in a world where some things won’t ring true anymore. 

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