The Ones That Stay

Seen 21st November

The Ones That Stays.jpg

The second day of the Lift Off film festival was by far the busiest with two features and several featurettes. This French film is one whose title I’m unsure if I have right because I’ve seen it as “The Ones That Stay” and “The Ones That Stays“, which is the only version of the poster I can find so for this review I’m going to be calling it “The Ones That Stay” because that title makes more sense. You got that? Good, let’s go onto this tale of a man, his father and a hooker.

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Seen 20th November


This year I had the honour of being an official reviewer for the Lift-Off Film Festival. Over three days I saw four feature films and dozens of shorts, grading them all as I watched them and I genuinely enjoyed the experience. I’ve been to film festivals before but never in any form of official capacity and I hope to do it again. Now, a few days later, I present my reflections on each film that I saw. Specifically the features. If I did a review for every short I’d be writing 20 of them and I still have to have time to review Daddy’s Home 2 at some point because I hate myself.

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