Child’s Play (2019) – This IS The End, Friend

Released: 20th June
Seen: 20th June

In 1988, a horror icon was born. Poking fun at the popularity of Cabbage Patch Dolls, Child’s Play showed us what would happen if one of those cherubic collectable toys ended up being possessed by a vicious serial killer who needed to put his soul into the body of a young child. The film was a box office success, pulling in around $44 million worldwide on a budget of only $9million. It spawned four theatrically released sequels and two VOD releases with the most recent one, Cult of Chucky, getting released two years ago. There’s also a TV series coming out on Syfy next year that’s currently being called Chucky and will bring back the legendary serial killing doll. It’s a series that has a loyal fan base who have followed the series from day one and it’s easily in my top 5 favourite horror franchises. I enjoy the series so much that I have even defended the much-maligned Seed of Chucky, which I still feel is an underrated gem that just happened to come out at the exact wrong time. Basically, the franchise is pretty much perfect as it is and doesn’t need a remake… but thanks to some fun legalese where the Child’s Play name isn’t owned by the creators of the franchise (because intellectual property law is fun and not at all pointlessly convoluted), MGM didn’t need to get permission to reboot the franchise that’s still alive and kicking and so now here we are with Child’s Play (2019)… because remakes of classic 80’s slashers never go horribly wrong, except for every single time they remake a classic 80’s slasher.

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Seed Of Chucky, It’s Not As Bad As You Think

Uploaded to MoviePilot July 20th, 2017

In 1988 a little horror movie called Child’s Play was unleashed upon the world. It starred a Cabbage Patch doll wannabe running about and murdering people and it was goddamn amazing. I can still remember my first time seeing it and being terrified by this little killer doll that was relentless as hell. The series recently got a revival with the surprisingly amazing Curse Of Chucky that came out in 2013 and the upcoming Cult Of Chucky is looking to be similarly dark in it’s tone. However, there is one movie in the franchise that always gets pointed to as the lowest point in the series, that being the fifth movie of the franchise Seed Of Chucky.

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Personally, I have nothing but good memories regarding this movie. I think it’s one of the funniest sequels that a horror franchise has ever come up with and one of the best self-referential films in recent years. Yet every time I see an article online about the series there is, inevitably, a reference to Seed and how it almost ruined the franchise. I disagree with that idea and I want to try and explain why it’s a valid sequel that we shouldn’t just discount. For starters, let’s dispel a rumour

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